3 types of men to avoid

types of men to avoid

Neither men nor women are perfect, we are far from perfect. We all have flaws and there are times when it’s really hard to bear with us, even for the people who love us most. However, there are aspects of the personality that can be highly counterproductive for emotional relationships and that do not occur in specific isolated moments.

The problem arises for two reasons: you never stop getting to know a person and people change. A man can be absolutely enchanting at first, but maybe then you find yourself wondering where that prince charming has ended or the opposite happens, someone may seem really boring, but over time you will find in him/her a hidden charm.

However, some people have a very bad way of relating to their own affectivity and that of others. Perhaps they cannot love or cannot tolerate being loved or are imprisoned in their own personal hell of guilt, resentment, or fear. In this case, barring a miracle, the relationship does not have a happy ending. For this reason, below we present three types of men who are best kept apart.

1. Men who go from one extreme to another

They are men who pass from total tenderness to maximum aggression, in many cases without the occurrence of facts that justify this change. We never explain what really happened. They simply die of love for you one day and fill you with compliments and caresses, but the next day they reject you in a sour and sometimes cruel way.

They are usually impulsive. Without knowing how we begin to feel a profound ambiguity towards them. We melt when they show us their romantic side, we can’t imagine a more affectionate and delicate man. We feel we adore him and that he is the great love we have always dreamed of. Then, when he awakens this kind of monster he carries inside, we feel the opposite: rejection and even hatred towards his instability or fear because it is unpredictable.

These men are emotionally exhausting. They have a deep unresolved conflict with themselves. They are very self-centered and, therefore, do not take into account the effects of their actions. The sure thing is that they are not ready to have a romantic relationship with you, nor with anyone.

2. Men who lie out of habit

There are many ways of lying. The most obvious is to talk about facts or situations that never occurred. However, other ways of falling into falsehood are living wanting to appear, promise and not fulfill, adapt to circumstances that are not shared.

The liar is exposed not by the way he lies to us, but by the way he lies with others. If he does it with other people, why shouldn’t he do it with us? Many times the lies are not easy to spot because there are real professionals of concealment. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to how they behave with others.

A person who lies constantly makes trust in the relationship impossible. Soon you will find yourself carrying out exhaustive investigations to catch him in fragrant or rummaging through his things to see if he betrays you. It is impossible to build an important relationship with a compulsive liar.

3. Men who make you feel inhibited

They are those men with whom you feel all the time as if you are walking on eggs. They are usually very critical of what their partner does or says and even the world she dresses in. These characteristics are typical of those who have a lot of success or money and are only looking for a company that behaves as they want.

What is certain is that one always feels valued and, usually, belittled. Think about something twenty times before you tell them; you measure very well the way you behave in his presence and you are tense, you are unable to be spontaneous. Suddenly you become a very silent person in his presence or you speak, but always pay attention to the expression he takes in front of your words.

In the most extreme cases, men who control and narcissists end up being violent. They believe that the world and all people, especially their partner, should behave as they want. They are experts in intimidation, which they enact through imperceptible psychological games or direct physical constraints. With men like that, you can never be happy.

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