Thoughtful Gift Ideas for New Moms for All Budgets

gift ideas for new moms

No matter how much joy being a new mom is, the stress that this new period of life puts you under is indescribable. Just imagine that: one year ago you were enjoying your best life, planning your Christmas outfit and making a wishlist for the holiday season and this year you have a whole new human that is entirely dependent on you, 24/7. Fair to say anyone would feel overwhelmed. If you have a friend who recently became a mom and you’re looking for gifts that would show her how much you appreciate the strong woman she is, we have some meaningful present ideas for you to choose from.

Personalized Memory Book

Kids grow up so fast that for most parents their early days are a blur, and when you add sleep deprivation to this equation, it can be very easy to forget the baby’s first month at all. You can help the new mom preserve these fleeting moments by getting her a beautifully crafted memory book. Such a journal will encourage her to document the baby’s growth, important milestones, and attach photos that portray these precious moments. Personalize the book by making it in her favorite color, doing a monogram, or have the name and time of birth of the little one written on the cover.

Knit Cardigan

Did you know that after giving birth, many women become more susceptible to temperature changes? Because of the hormonal changes that occur during the pregnancy and after the birth of the baby, new moms can sometimes have hot flashes or feel cold no matter the weather. To prevent your friend from freezing, get her an knit cardigan made of merino wool as these we found online. This warm fabric creates the needed insulation so that she won’t freeze when going on a walk or on an especially cold day in the house. An additional benefit of Irish cardigans is that they come in extremely handy when breastfeeding, as they give easy access for the baby and are much more practical than a sweater or any other top.

Meal Plan Subscription

When taking care of a newborn, the last thing a new mom wants to do is to worry about what food to cook for the rest of the family. A subscription to a meal delivery service is a practical present that will spare her from this daunting task at least for a period of time. Such meal plans go far beyond the usual junk food that we usually order, with plenty of nutritious meals that can be catered to her and her family’s dietary preferences and allergies. By getting her such a subscription, you will ensure that she receives all the necessary vitamins and minerals that she needs to stay healthy and raise the baby during such an important life stage.

Tote Bag

Becoming a new mom comes with a lot of challenges, and worrying about having the perfect bag to carry around all the essentials is definitely one of them. To help her out, get your friend a versatile tote bag that will be the best combination of practicality and style. Carefully crafted to be durable and almost indestructible, the tote bag is designed to carry all the essentials for both the baby and the mom while maintaining a chic aesthetic, because having a newborn definitely doesn’t mean that you can’t be stylish. Choose a spacious bag with lots of compartments so that she can have everything organized and be well-equipped for any day.

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