Christening Costumes for Children

Christening Costumes for Children

Christening continues to be a tradition in Spain, a ritual that has been maintained throughout different generations. In fact, even today between 60 and 65% of children go through the baptismal font. It is a very special ceremony for parents, and a luxurious occasion to reunite the family and close friends.

Christening costumes for children

However, christening also carries an expense. In fact, it is estimated that it represents approximately 8% of the budget that parents dedicate to the child throughout the first year of life. Said in this way it may seem that it is not a great expense but we will understand its true magnitude if we consider that the child’s diet represents only 15% of the annual budget.

Obviously, a portion of the christening budget goes toward the costume, as all parents want their little one to look gorgeous that day. However, when choosing clothes, there are many factors that you must consider beyond the price.

Christening Costumes for Children

Betting on tradition

The christening is a very traditional ceremony so if your baby is still small, you can go for the classic skirts. It is a very elegant garment that is normally made in organdy or cotton and then is adorned with embroidery and lace.

It is also a very comfortable option since it adjusts with buttons on the side and with a bow on the waist. In many families, the skirt passes from one generation to another but if it is not your case, you can find different models in stores, many of which are unisex.

Regarding the price, there is a huge variety, depending on the brand you choose. For example, you can find skirts of 200 euros or find models that barely exceed 50 euros. If you’re on a tight budget, you can search for thrift stores. Being a garment that is used only for the christening, you will find excellent quality models at much more affordable prices.

However, skirts are normally made up to six months or a year, after that time, you will have to bet on a suit for your baby.

If you are going to choose a suit, keep in mind …

It should not be too tight. The child must feel comfortable and must be able to move freely, especially considering that throughout the day he will go through several arms.

Make it soft. The most important thing is that the child feels comfortable. For this, it is essential that the fabric of the suit is soft and does not irritate his skin. Remember that if the baby is uncomfortable with the clothes, sooner or later he will start crying.

Make it suitable for the weather. If it is hot, it is recommended that the fabric be fresh and breathable. If it is cold, you should also put on a jacket to protect you. In any case, consider that it is better to dress the baby in layers, especially if the christening is celebrated in seasons such as autumn or spring when temperatures are more changeable.

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