Eat to learn cookbook free ebook launch announcement

A cookbook is that object that you usually buy or receive with great enthusiasm, use for a couple of dishes and park on the shelf like an abandoned roadside pet. That in normal times, of course. In a confinement like the one we are experiencing, cookbooks become essential service workers: if we have no idea of ​​cooking, they are a flashlight in the dark; if we operate in the kitchen, they serve as a source of ideas, a good that can be scarce when you prepare meals and dinners at home for many days in a row.

The drama is that right now we can’t go to bookstores to browse and buy them. A minor drama, because luckily many cookbooks can be purchased electronically. Now, we already know that they do not give the same taste as on paper … but they are cheaper, they do not weigh and the recipes are found more quickly (the one that is not consoled is because he does not want to).

Without ideas to face daily meals? Feeling more incapable every day? In full confinement, this selection of easy home cooking ‘ebooks’ comes to rescue you from neglect.

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