How to be a Superhero

How to be a Superhero

Let’s face it who hasn’t dreamed of having a Superpower at least once ?

I often find myself in the car taking fancy flights imagining that I have several Superpowers at the same time, I realize that I am almost greedy.

I would like to be invisible, to be able to govern time, see the movements of others in slow motion and move objects with my thoughts …

Let’s go back and start from the beginning. Definition of Superpower “Garzanti dictionary”:  Superpower, an extraordinary faculty that goes beyond the limits of human abilities. In the world of comics, Superpowers are often balanced by a weak point, related to the same powers.

Yep, Superheroes almost always have weaknesses that make them Superfragile. Superman for a bit of kryptonite almost leaves us the feathers, the Human Torch in the absence of oxygen becomes a mere mortal …

Fragility is an inescapable feature, a feature to live with. Let’s reread the definition of a Superpower for a moment … The definition says “extraordinary faculty that exceeds the limits of human capabilities”. So does Steve Jobs have superpowers? And Gandhi?

Let’s play a game together. Open a note on your mobile phone that you can save and keep overtime or take a page of your paper diary. Then write:

  1. First of all the Superpower that you would like to have more than anything
  2. Then a real person famous or you know who according to you has a Superpower
  3. Again, your extraordinary characteristic, your Superpower
  4. Finally, what is your kryptonite

Surely we are all aware that superheroes do not exist, but our brain always needs to work out and this can be a nice way to train it. Following the previous exercise, get used to doing the following in everyday life:

  1. Imagination. When you are alone, fantasize about the Superpower you would like, even if only mentally, imagine a story or visualize a scene … knowing how to create realities that do not exist and imagine objects that do not belong to our world is a fundamental ability for a market that constantly asks to renew itself.
  2. Motivation. Having a point of reference, someone to whom an above-average ability is grateful is a very simple way to be clear that a person like us, not a superhero, is capable of doing things that we consider extraordinary.
  3. Self-esteem. Recognizing a skill that distinguishes us from the average, which makes us feel unique, is essential to deal with our resources by increasing the energy at our disposal.
  4. Limits. Knowing our limits allows us to improve and become stronger

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