karlovy vary sspa

Karlovy Vary, the great Czech spa

In the Czech Republic, there are different thermal water spas that have been known since ancient times and are highly visited by people from all over Europe. Many are in the Western Bohemian region, but without a doubt, the best-known spa in the country is Karlovy Vary. Continue Reading



Although it is difficult for us to think about achieving an impact look that is satisfied by a skirt in winter, street style has confirmed that it can be done without dying of cold. The trick is to use warm materials such as wool, cotton, and sometimes combinations with polyester. You can also get those lightweight pieces out of the closet that you thought you would only wear in spring and summer. Continue Reading

How do male rappers accessorize2

How do male rappers accessorize?

Male rappers tend to wear large, oversized t- shirts with mens designer jeans, which can be found at EJ Menswear. Accessorizing an outfit can be quite important as it ties the whole look together.

Rappers tend to wear bandanas with a hat on top. The hat can be worn in many different ways such as facing the brim forward, backwards, or to the side. However, this should not be oversized as it will be too big to sit on the head and just slide down on to the face. The bandana should be a bright colour so it can be seen underneath the hat and can be tied up like a skullcap so it can fit under the hat. Do-rags are also popular wear for rappers.

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Jewellery is a very important accessory in rap culture. It can also be known as “ice” or “bling” in the hip hop world. Large gold or silver chains are popular and are mostly seen with large holy crosses hanging from them. Grills are also starting to become very popular with singers and rappers. These are similar to plastic braces made for the teeth but made of metal or sometimes gold. A full grill for the mouth can be very expensive. Some rappers even replace one or two teeth with real gold and have their initials on the tooth with rhinestones or diamonds.

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Oversized sunglasses can tie a whole outfit together, mostly square shaped, and can be worn on top of the hat or hang out the front of a jeans pocket.

What do kids wear to wedding

What Do Kids Wear to Wedding?

Did you know that the tradition of the pages and the little ladies dates from the Middle Ages? At that time, when the women of the nobility married, they used to be accompanied by the smallest members of the family. It was a purely practical matter since the dresses of that time were very heavy. Continue Reading