What Do Kids Wear to Wedding?

What do kids wear to wedding

Did you know that the tradition of the pages and the little ladies dates from the Middle Ages? At that time, when the women of the nobility married, they used to be accompanied by the smallest members of the family. It was a purely practical matter since the dresses of that time were very heavy.

At present, the pages and the little ladies are no longer necessary, but they continue to be present by tradition. Depending on the couple, they can wear the bride’s dress, especially if it has a very long train, wear the rings or take care of throwing the rose petals or the rice, the symbol of prosperity.

In one way or another, these little ones play a role in the wedding and for them, this day is also an essential moment so they must wear the right clothes.

What should you keep in mind when choosing children’s clothing?

What do kids wear to wedding

The age of the children. The usual thing is that the pages and the ladies are between 3 and 9 years old, depending on their age, you can choose a more or less childish model. Remember that younger children often bring a very tender touch to the ceremony.

For girls, they are combined with the bride’s outfit. The children’s dress should match the bride’s outfit, but it should not be identical, because it does not look good for the girl to become a miniature bride. The most usual thing is that you opt for a version, which can be of the same fabric but with different details. White and pastel shades, with rich color accents, can be a winning choice for young ladies.

For children, they are combined with the groom’s suit. The suit that the children wear must match the one that the groom has chosen, but once again, it is not that they are the same. For example, you can bet on the same fabric and color but a different model. Tailor suits, whether long or short pants and the touch of color provided by the tie or bow tie, are always a good choice.

Dress the children wearing the rings at the wedding

Practical and comfortable. We cannot forget that although it is a wedding, children need to be comfortable, especially the little ones. The suit must allow them to move freely and must be adapted to the time of year so that they do not suffer much heat or go cold.
Elegant and simple. This formula does not usually fail because, in matters of good taste, less is always more. In the case of children, this minimalism acquires even greater importance since overly loaded suits do not look good. The accessories chosen should enhance the model, not overshadow it.

Very comfortable shoes. Most children are not very used to wearing dress shoes, so you should bet on a beautiful and elegant model that is comfortable at the same time. The well-being of the little ones is a priority, and you do not want them to get hurt during the wedding.

Last but not least, make sure the kids agree to wear their costumes. If the little ones do not like the model, they will likely get angry at the wedding. Therefore, if they are old enough to decide, take their opinions into account when selecting the models.

Consider that a few years ago children used to dress in elegant and very sophisticated outfits. Still, nowadays, such a rigid code has been relaxed and you have more freedom to choose so that you can bet on more cheerful, fun and childish models.

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