Childhood amnesia

Childhood amnesia: is it possible to lose childhood memories?

Most of us know what amnesia is, but most of our ideas about it come from fiction and have little basis in reality. In soap operas, for example, a character may lose memories of her, usually due to some trauma or brain injury, only to suddenly regain them when triggered by another person or event. It turns out that this scenario is unrealistic and unlikely to occur, especially when it comes to childhood memories. Continue Reading

when do babies start missing their parents

When do babies start missing their parents

You may have heard the phrases more than once: “leave your baby alone in the dark even if he cries”, “you will see that he will stop crying and get used to it”… But in reality, it is not a good idea and your baby will feel terribly abandoned unconsciously causing deep emotional wounds. A baby is demanding and needs his parents to feel safe, protected and nurtured at all times. Continue Reading

what to feed a sick toddler

What to Feed a Sick Toddler? Follow These Instructions

When children are ill, that is, they have a cold, cough, fever, as well as vomiting or diarrhea, it is very normal that they do not want to eat. So, what to feed a sick toddler? In some cases, they will have to avoid some foods so they don’t feel worse. However, they cannot stop eating and that is why it is important to know what to feed them according to the disease they have. If the child has a disease and does not eat, it may get worse. Continue Reading

Why should baby walkers be banned

Why Should Baby Walkers Be Banned? 5 Reasons

Until very recently, walkers were common in all homes with young children, as they were thought to help children learn to walk faster. However, today we know that this is not the case and that they should only be used sparingly and occasionally. In fact, avoid its use, at least until the little one has learned to fend for himself. Continue Reading

afraid of the dark in kids

Afraid of the Dark in Kids: Symptoms and Treatment

Nyctophobia or scotophobia are the names of the fear of the dark, of the night and dark rooms or spaces. At least 10% of the adult population fear the dark. Anxiety and irrational fear are generated by a distorted perception of the brain of the risks that are taken when we cannot see what is around us. In adults, it is considered a phobia and in children, it is part of the fears of the early years. Continue Reading