What Are the Methods That Help Babies Relax the Most?

methods that help babies relax the most

Surely, when you were pregnant, you imagined leaving your baby gently on his crib and while he slept, he would smile. However, the reality is to put us on our site. And the reality is that some babies fall asleep easily, while others are more restless and have trouble falling asleep.

Instinctively, many mothers hold their baby in their arms and rock it until it falls asleep. This might be worth the first few days, but your baby is gaining weight on a daily basis and at some point, it will be very heavy and exhausting to do that. If your baby is one of those who cries because he cannot fall asleep and you want to help him sleep better, take note of the methods that most help to relax your baby.

Methods that help babies relax the most

Try to rest when he rests. In this way, you will be calmer and you will not transmit tension when your baby needs you to help him calm down.

Establish a routine

Although at first, it may not seem to give results, with the passing of the nights, your baby will know what to expect and will learn to identify the time to sleep.

A warm bath, clean pyjamas, dinner and sleeping is an example of routine. It is also very helpful to reduce the intensity of the games when it is time to go to bed, in addition to lowering the lights in the room and trying to keep as much silence as possible. It is important to differentiate the routine of naps from those at night.

Read a story

Reading a story before bed can also be relaxing for you and your baby, as well as being very stimulating for their cognitive development. Strengthens the bond with your little one and has countless emotional benefits.

A rocker

Most babies find it very relaxing to be rocked. It probably reminds them of your intrauterine stage and your movements while walking or doing your daily activities.

A rocker is a great way to rock your baby without your back or arms hurting. Some models incorporate music and vibration to help your baby relax before going to sleep.

Give a message

Who doesn’t like receiving a comforting massage after a difficult and emotional day? After a warm bath, you can try a little baby oil and massage it to help you relax and be calmer.

Massage has countless benefits for your baby. Consult your paediatrician about the most appropriate technique.


There’s no sound your baby likes more than your voice, so sing lullabies before bed. You could even do it while you massage it.

Another option is to play soft and relaxing music that helps you calm down and fall asleep. Not too high so you don’t startle when you sleep when the music stops.

Soothing sounds

Another alternative to singing or playing music is white noise. It can be a recording with the heartbeat, the sound of the rain or the surf of the sea. Try until you find the option that most relaxes your baby.

Check baby’s diaper

Having a dirty or wet diaper can make it difficult for your baby to fall asleep, so be sure to check his diaper and that it is clean and dry before going to sleep.

The lighting

Lower the light intensity when bedtime approaches. There shouldn’t be a TV in the baby’s room, but if there is, turn it off at least an hour before bedtime. The thing is, the colours and sounds on TV can be overly stimulating at a time when we want you to be calm and relaxed.

Leaving a nightlight on can be a good idea so you don’t have to turn on the lights when you go to care for your baby at night.

It will take some time, but little by little you will make your baby calmer at bedtime. Just establish a routine and stick to it, even when you go on a trip, try to respect the baby’s schedules.

Some children are very sensitive and are confused by any change in their environment. With a lot of love and keeping calm, you will get your baby to sleep better and you too.

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