Reflection on children's birthday parties now

Reflection on Children’s Birthday Parties Now

If you are a father or mother you will have attended children’s birthdays, some will be more austere and others more ostentatious, but all of them are intended to be special for children. Theme parties, children’s entertainers, fondant cakes, inflatable castles, helium balloons (the bigger the better), candy tables and even catering … everything is little to celebrate the little one’s birthday. Continue Reading

brushing twice a day

Game to Teach Your Kids Brushing Twice a Day

This simple activity is designed for kids from 2 years old. What would it be like to learn to brush our teeth playing with a marker and a sheet of paper? The intriguing answer, right? Your kid should be brushing twice a day. Well, that is the activity that I show you below. It is a very simple home game to prepare that helps us create or reinforce the habit of brushing teeth for kids. Continue Reading