Cajun fries, the perfect recipe for making them at home

Cajun fries

If you are a bit down in the dumps and want to indulge in gluttony, you’ve come to the right recipe. A generous portion of french fries – crunchy to the right point and tasty like those you eat at fast food – will make you smile again!

What’s better than french fries to enjoy a good relaxing evening? Making them is not simple, often they are not crunchy, at other times they are too crunchy. Here are all the secrets to having exceptional frying.

Homemade french fries the secrets

French fries are an extraordinary side dish that children and adults alike, good and tasty one after another. The quality of the potatoes greatly affects the taste, the way they are cut is important for even cooking. In short, there are many little tricks to do them, let’s see what they are.

Ingredients: which potatoes?

The best potatoes to use for fried are the yellow, mushy ones. Perfect because they keep cooking crunchy on the outside and remaining soft on the inside. It is an easy-to-find quality because it is very widespread and leaves a unique taste.

French fries, which oil to use?

The oil used for frying fried potatoes is the most important element for a good result of the dish. Many recommend extra virgin olive oil to get a good fried in reality, however, for chips, it is too heavy and not very suitable. In fact, it leaves the taste of the olives and therefore it is better to choose a lighter one. Among the best are that of sunflower, cheap and tasty but also that of peanuts, from a nutritional point of view healthier. It may be important to have a little coriander essential oil to put inside the oil during cooking, this in fact avoids having the classic smell of fried and instead gives greater lightness to the products.

How to fry potatoes

For the potatoes to be perfect, it is important to check that the oil is hot, but not too hot to exceed the smoke point. In this case, in fact, the fried food could burn and have a bitter taste. Better to check with a thermometer. The fried food must be light and therefore it is better to insert a few potatoes at a time, in this way they will be easier to turn and the oil will always be hot.

Perfect french fries with double cooking

Double cooking for a crispy fried is not recommended even if a little laborious to do. In practice, you should pre-fry the chips and then maybe for a healthier result pass them in the oven. Other times some people prefer to do double cooking in the oven, but not everyone shares this choice. If you prefer double frying, change the oil otherwise the fried will be heavy.

French fries, all variations

Fried potatoes can be made in various ways, even more, healthy but no less tasty. Here are the various recipes to make them better.

Homemade baked french fries

Many people like to make baked potatoes rather than fried ones. It is fake fried, as they are cut thin and put in the oven to cook without too much fat. The result is always very tasty, especially if you add salt, rosemary, and sage to give it extra flavor.

French fries with the air fryerCajun fries

The air fryer is suitable for making light but tasty fried food. just a tablespoon of oil is enough for an exceptional taste. Ideal appliance for those who love to stay light.


Fried potatoes can be stored for a few days in an airtight container to prevent them from losing their crunchiness and taste.

How many calories do chips have

Better not know how many calories fries have because one leads to another. Typically, a normal serving should have around 400 calories. In any case, just follow some precautions to enjoy good potatoes. A quick walk, a bit of running, and that is it, you can run without having any problems or second thoughts.

Preparation of crispy fried potatoes

  • Wash the potatoes, dry them, peel them and divide them in half lengthwise. Then cut them into sticks and leave them to soak in very cold water for 5 minutes.
  • After bathing in cold water, you need that in hot water: transfer your potatoes to another bowl with hot water and leave them to soak for 10 minutes, so that they release as much starch as possible. In fact, is the number one enemy of crunchy chips. After 10 minutes, drain the potatoes and dry them carefully with a clean cloth. They must be well dry.
  • In a pan, preferably with a high edge, pour plenty of seed oil and let it heat up. Then add the potatoes and let them fry for 5/10 minutes, turning them from time to time until they take on their characteristic browning. Place them on a baking dish covered with absorbent paper, add salt to taste, and then serve.

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