3 Simple Yet Impressive Desserts for Parties

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When you’re hosting a party, you’ve got a lot on your plate as it is; by the time your guests are ready for dessert, there’s a good chance you’ll be exhausted from keeping the hot food displays full! Here are three desserts that are simple to make, easy to eat and impressive enough to wow at your next event.

Individual Trifle

Trifle is a layered dessert not unlike a parfait — instead of yogurt and granola, trifle uses more decadent ingredients like sponge cake and whipped cream. The idea is to have at least one layer each of cake, cream filling and fruit, and all you need to do is scoop your prepared components into a clear serving cup! The individual layers of trifle are a stunning sight, and you have total control over the flavors and ingredients you use.

Cheesecake Squares

If you have a trusted cheesecake recipe, try making it in a sheet pan and cutting the finished product into squares to serve at your party. Be sure to bake in a water bath to keep the color even, and use a hot, sharp knife for ultra-clean sides. Top with fresh fruit and whipped cream for an easy finish, or use a marbled recipe for a jaw-dropping ripple effect.

Chocolate Bark

If you’re tight on time or want something easy to grab and go, chocolate bark is the dessert for you. Simply melt your favorite chocolate chips or bars, spread onto parchment paper and top to your heart’s content; fruit, nuts, candies, coffee beans and swirls of contrasting chocolate melts are all gorgeous additions, and serving is as easy as breaking it apart and displaying it on a tray.

No matter what you’re serving, remember: as long as your guests are having a good time and the food tastes good, your party is sure to be a smash.

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