So, what does conveyancing actually mean?

Conveyancing is the transfer of property from one owner to another. Go to Sam Conveyancing for cheap conveyancing help. There are a couple of key stages during the process of conveyancing: one is the exchanging of contracts when it is certain the transaction will proceed, and the second is the completion of contracts when the owners move.

Each property is unique and differs in its challenges. There is a standard process to go through for conveyancing. The first step would be to contact a lawyer. Once the decision has been made to buy or sell a property, a lawyer can speed things up by proceeding straight away.

The second step would include inquiries and searches. The lawyer will have access to the legal title and draw up contracts. They can raise enquiries to clarify points and make sure everything is in order and will carry out searches to check for excluded factors. While some searches are essential, others are only optional.

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The third step is to then apply for a mortgage. The lender will then carry out a check into the property to make sure everything is supposed to be, and the mortgage can be secured. They can also liaise with the chosen solicitors.

This leads onto the fourth step which is the signing of the contracts. The solicitor will send key documents, and the deposit will also be paid during the exchange of the contracts.

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The last step is the completion of the transfer. Funds will be transferred, and final searches carried out. The solicitors will finish off by dealing with the tax and registration of ownership.

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