9 Things You Should Not Do When Decorating Your Kids Room

decorate your kids room

The decorate your kids room is not limited to the moment in which we design space since, in general, over time we change curtains, put photographs, cushions, accessories, travel memories. So, it becomes a continuous process reflecting our experiences and personality.

Children’s rooms are one of the places in the house that evolve the most because they must be adapted to the changing needs of our children from their arrival until adolescence or until they leave home. For this reason, it is essential that you do not make certain mistakes when decorating them. Next, let’s see what they are.

#1 Bad choice of room

If you can choose, try to decorate your kids room to have the most natural light. It is also important that it is close to your bedroom so that you can listen to him if he wakes up during the night, as well as studying the space, dimension and arrangement with which you must place the different elements of the furniture.

#2 Dismiss the importance of lighting

it is one of the most common mistakes. Lighting needs change as the child grows. The ideal is to have a lamp located on the ceiling in the center of the room, but surely you will also need:

Spot and dim lighting near crib or changing table for when baby needs to be cared for at night and not over stimulating by turning on the main light. Night lights for when the child starts to fear the dark, which is usually a normal part of his development.

#3 Spend more than necessary

Over time, your baby grows and you will have to introduce changes in the decoration, replace the children’s lamp, the rocking chair to breastfeed, the changing table with bathtub, more space to store toys or introduce a reading corner.

Investing a lot in furniture could be a waste of money, apart from generating a problem when storing or disposing of furniture that you will not need.

The first time you will decorate the room to your liking based on a budget, but as soon as the baby starts talking and expressing his preferences, they will need to make changes to the decoration. Therefore, it is reasonable not to invest excess money. Also, there is currently a lot of “do it yourself” options, so decorating your child’s room for little money is getting easier.

#4 Furniture that does not fit the child’s age

In the desire to save, many families allocate pieces of furniture to the child’s room that they no longer use and do not want to throw away.

Either because they are family heirlooms or because of savings, the desks and chests of drawers must be adapted to the height and age of your child. If due to their dimensions they can be used, then they should be restored and painted so that they match the decoration and do not look like a glob.

#5 Bad color choice

Some parents associate the bright color with children’s rooms, but it is advisable to choose soft or neutral colors that make the room appear more spacious and also better reflect light.

Adding color with accessories is usually the best strategy because your child’s bedroom has to be stimulating, but it is also a space for rest and relaxation.

#6 Single room

Children’s rooms are changing spaces according to their age and tastes, so investing a lot in accessories related to a very specific theme is a mistake that can be very expensive.

Focusing on an animated character and putting it on the curtains, children’s lamp, carpet, furniture, sheets and upholstery is decorating with a theme that could stop your child from being interested at any time. It is best to choose a neutral style that can change over time without investing a lot of money and with which you feel more comfortable. However, nothing happens either because some of the accessories carry one of your favorite characters.

#7 Unsafety

Your child’s room should be a safe place for him. Limiting yourself to the aesthetic part when decorating is a serious mistake.

It takes care of aspects such as:

  • The gap between the bars of the crib
  • The choice of mattress
  • Remove items and bedspreads from the crib at bedtime
  • Do not hang strips or cords like those on curtains or electrical appliances
  • Use non – toxic paints for walls and furniture surfaces
  • Air the room regularly
  • Hinder child’s access to plugs

#8 Forget about the ground

The first few days, your little one will only feed and sleep, but soon he will start to spend more and more time awake and will begin to have greater mobility.

Almost without realizing it, the time will come to put him on the ground to stimulate his neurological and physical development. The floor must be made of a warm and easy to clean material for when you start to crawl and walk because the more time you spend in bare feet, the better.

#9 To end

One of the biggest mistakes when decorating your kids room is not allocating space for storage. Babies from their arrival begin to accumulate things: clothes, diapers, the stroller, the bassinet, the bathtub, the pushchair, books, toys, family gifts and a host of things that most parents do not anticipate. Having space (cabinets, shelves, shelves, and boxes) to store all of these things should be a priority.

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