Very Simple Summer Snacks for Kids

summer snacks for kids

In summer, what children need is, above all, hydration. Therefore, the best snacks are those that provide liquids and vitamins. For example, cold desserts made from fruit. In this article, we make things easy for you. Here you have a series of summer snacks for kids and very simple recipes that you can prepare with your children.

Healthy summer snacks for kids

Ice creams, jellies, sorbets or slushies. Also, of course, salty recipes, such as homemade mini-pizzas. Encourage your children to prepare their own snacks. It won’t take long. They are very quick recipes to make!

Ice creams, jellies, sorbets

Fruit lollies. Here is a simple and quick recipe to make. Children love ice cream lollies. Take the opportunity to introduce fruit and make an ice cream that brings more vitamins to your diet.

Fruit lollies

Jellies with fruit juice. Here you have a proposal for your child’s snack or dessert. Jelly made with fruit juice offers hydration and vitamins to your children.

Jellies with fruit juice

Mini pizzas. Recipe of some mini pizzas for the children’s snack. How to make mini pizzas in a homemade and simple way for children. Learn how to make mini pizzas with the children.

Mini pizza

Fruit slushies. Here you have a proposal for children’s snacks: a fruit slushie. It is the simplest and fastest way to prepare an ice cream with fruit for children.

Fruit slushies

Cream cheese with muesli. If your child likes cheese, they will love this creamy cheese recipe with muesli. It is ideal for a snack or a healthy and nutritious breakfast.

Cream cheese with muesli

Watermelon juice or smoothie. Juice, smoothie or watermelon soda for children. Recipe refreshing and full of vitamins for the little ones of the house. Watermelon is a food rich in vitamin A and with a high water content. Ideal to hydrate children.

Watermelon juice or smoothie

Recipes are coming soon….

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