What happens on home completion day

Completion day is one of the most beautiful days in the mortgage application and house purchasing process. It feels wonderful because it is the day that you finally take ownership of the house. Whether you’ve experienced nothing but trouble or it’s been a relatively smooth ride, the sense of relief can be pretty overwhelming. All that really happens on completion day is the transfer of the monies from the Mortgage Lender to your solicitors. Your Solicitors immediately transfer this to the Sellers Solicitors. Once it is with them, they confirm the transaction, and you can go and get the keys from the Estate agent or the Site office if it is a new build.

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The next stage is up to you. You might want to bask in the glory of your new home straight away. It should be a shell with the previous occupants off and enjoying their completion day. Nothing should be left behind save for the fixtures and fittings.  Moving your own items need not be a headache either. With the assistance of Bright Move Services, a friendly Removal Company Cheltenham based operation, you can be sure that your furniture and belongings will be moved safely and quickly.

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With that all out the way, it only remains for you to do the most critical aspect of the house move, start living the lives you want to have in the place. Decorate it how you want to. If there is a garden, see what you can grow in it. There is an old saying that an “Englishman’s home is his castle”, if you forget the patriarchy tone, it’s as accurate today as when it was written in 1628 .

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