Strawberries are Ingredients With Multiple Uses

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Strawberries are much more versatile than they might seem. People might think that they’ll only be able to add strawberries to desserts, or use them in side dishes. However, many of the people who enjoy cooking are finding new uses for strawberries.

New Salads

People have often added strawberries to fruit salads. Most fruit salads will contain berries of some kind, in fact. The larger fruit pieces that are taken from cantaloupe and honeydew melons can certainly create most of the structure for a fruit salad.

Strawberries and other berries can add some new flavors and textures to fruit salads. People often won’t need to use very many strawberries in their fruit salads. These berries have strong tastes and distinctive textures, so even using a few sliced, fresh strawberries in a salad can have a strong effect on it. Using even one strawberry in every individual serving of a fruit salad can already make a difference.

Different Meals

Many people now are also using strawberries in dinner salads. People often assume that they’ll have to use either mild or salty flavors in these sorts of salads. However, strawberries can certainly be part of salads that are made using lettuce and other vegetables. The salad shouldn’t be overly sweet if people just use a relatively small number of strawberries, especially if it does not contain any other kinds of fruit.

Many oranges have stronger flavors than strawberries, and they’re also frequently added to dinner and lunch salads. It’s also common to use apples in these sorts of dishes. Using apples, oranges, and strawberries in the same salad will make it fairly sweet. People might end up with a lunch or dinner salad that has lots of strong flavors if the salad also has many other ingredients, but it could still work.

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