Yuca Bread Recipe: Healthy and Tasty Breakfast for Kids

Yuca Bread Recipe

Yuca Bread Recipe it is a recipe for Yuca bread that is enjoyed in many countries of the Southern Cone. Depending on the country, we can find them with different names: chipa in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, Yuca bread in Colombia, Peru and Ecuador, pao de queijo in Brazil, among others. However, what does not vary are its basic ingredients: starch and cheese.

Yucca bread or cheese bread can serve as a starter for your favorite dishes or it can serve as an aperitif or mid-afternoon snack. No matter where you are from, tell us by what name you know them and don’t deprive yourself of trying this delicacy. Discover Yuca Bread Recipe.

Yuca Bread Recipe

Yuca Bread Recipe

Ingredients to make Yuca bread:

  • 50 cubic centimeters of milk
  • 50 cubic centimeters of corn oil
  • 25 cubic centimeters of water
  • 2 eggs
  • 100 grams of Yuca starch
  • 100 grams of semi-hard cheese

How to make Yucca Bread:

Step 1:

To start preparing your delicious Yuca and cheese buns, heat the water with the oil and milk in a saucepan until it starts to bubble.

Step 2:

Pour the hot liquids from the previous point at once over the starch or starch. With the help of a wooden spoon, integrate the ingredients well.

It is a somewhat hard dough, so do not be surprised if you must exert a lot of force to achieve it. If you prefer, you can knead it with your hands or gloves, being careful not to burn yourself and taking into account that it is somewhat sticky. Try the sugar-free lemonade recipe for kids

Step 3:

Once the bread ingredients have been well integrated and the temperature has dropped, add the eggs . Reintegrate.

Step 4:

Finally, add the cheese, grated or cut into small cubes.

Step 5:

Assemble the buns with the help of your hands soaked in oil. This will help prevent the preparation from sticking to your hands.

Step 6:

Arrange the Yuca buns in a roasting pan with cooking spray. Place them about 3 fingers apart so that when they stretch during baking they do not stick and the heat is distributed correctly. Cook them in the strong oven (200 ° C) for 15 minutes until they are slightly golden.

Step 7:

When they are golden brown, take them out of the oven and enjoy your yuca bread.

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