How to make Japanese rice omelet

Preparing a French omelette is a very simple preparation that the vast majority of people like, but there are similar recipes with which you can surprise any diner, as is the case with the Japanese rice omelette. Also known as omurice, it is a very nutritious dish that brings together a good part of the essence of Japanese cuisine.

The omurice recipe is a dish that is as simple as it is complete since it includes a wide variety of ingredients with very interesting nutritional values ​​such as vegetables, rice, and chicken. Therefore, learning to make this recipe will allow you to enjoy oriental cuisine in a healthy way. To discover how to make an omurice or Japanese rice omelette and the necessary ingredients for its preparation, we recommend that you continue reading this article.


  • 4 eggs
  • A chicken breast
  • 80 grams of bomba rice or dry long rice
  • Onion
  • Ketchup
  • Carrot
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Pepper
  • Salt

Steps to follow:

Step: 1

The first step to making an omurice or Japanese rice omelette is to put water and salt in a saucepan. Then add the rice to cook. When it’s ready, drain it and leave it reserved. Pay attention to the cooking of the rice: it must be al dente, so it is important that no more time passes than it should so that the texture of the rice grains is adequate.

Step: 2

Take the chicken breast and cut it into strips. Then you cut them into small pieces. You should also peel and cut the onion into strips or small pieces. With the carrot, do the same: first, wash it, then peel it, and, finally, cut it into strips or small pieces. We explain how to shred onion.

Step: 3

Light a fire and place the pan, adding a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil on its surface. Add the carrot and the chopped onion, letting them cook for a few minutes so that they are al dente. Then, take these ingredients out of the pan and, with the same oil, add the chicken tacos to cook them.

Step: 4

Once the chicken tacos are done, take them out of the pan and leave them reserved next to the vegetables. At this point, add a little more oil in the same pan and add the cooked rice to lightly fry it. Later, add the vegetables together with the chicken and season all the ingredients with a little pepper and salt. Wait a few minutes for the ingredients to sauté and the flavors to be integrated.

Step: 5

It’s time to prepare the omurice: beat two eggs on a plate and make an omelet in the usual shape of a French omelet.

Step: 6

Observe the state of the tortilla and, once it is almost curdled, in the center you add a part of the filling made up of rice, chicken, and vegetables. Fold the tortilla on one side and then on the other so that it is well rolled.

Step: 7

When you have the tortilla completely rolled up, leave it for a few more minutes in the pan to finish cooking. Then, you take it out carefully so that it does not break anywhere. And ready! Serve this Japanese rice omelet and enjoy with your loved ones this oriental dish that is so easy to make. To make the flavor even more delicious, you can accompany it with a little ketchup or fried tomato.


There is no single way to make omurice: you can make it by preparing a stir-fry of vegetables and meats to taste. Chicken is the most used meat to make this tortilla, but you can also create your own vegan version using tofu or including only vegetables.

If you want the omelette to be very fluffy, in this article we recommend that you do not beat the eggs excessively. Also, you can optionally add a little milk to them.

For a good presentation of the dish, you can decorate it at the end of cooking with some parsley leaves or with ketchup.

To make the omurice, you can use a whole egg plus one or two whites. It’s a trick you can resort to getting the best possible Japanese rice omelet.

You can eat an omurice or Japanese rice omelet as a starter at lunch or as a single dish at dinner. It is an original way of eating a French omelet, but with an oriental touch, including rice among the ingredients used for the recipe. With this preparation, you can surprise your diners with a rich and different tortilla.

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