How to design a small yet efficient kitchen

Park home life has been proven time and time again to have a wealth of mental, physical and social benefits.

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But it’s fair to say that whilst park homes for sale in Gloucestershire ( have come on leaps and bounds in terms of design in recent years, they are never going to be a vast and palatial living space. And nor should they be.

For most people, smaller rooms are not a problem. But even for the most organised, the kitchen is an action-packed room where things can quickly become chaotic and cramped. Here are some tips on designing and managing a small but incredibly efficient kitchen.


Colour is a key way to make a room appear lighter, brighter and more spacious. Light walls will reflect light around the room and give the illusion of more space. In a kitchen this can be done with tiling and flooring as well as wallpaper or paint for the walls. You could also consider installing glass panels in doors or putting up a well-placed mirror.

Good storage solutions

Be clever with your storage so that you can maximise the potential in smaller spaces. Opt for open shelves that you can see straight through as these allow light to pass through and appear less bulky and clunky than lots of cupboards. You can even get dual shelving that can hang glasses upside down from under the traditional shelf! You could also consider portable storage such as preparation trolleys that can be wheeled in and out as needed.

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Hide appliances

Appliances such as toasters, kettles and microwaves can take up a lot of room on worktops. Hide them in cupboards if possible, to give yourself more preparation space and a clutter free area. You could even decide to relocate your washing machine and tumble dryer to the bathroom – this is commonplace in European countries and will free up space in the kitchen.

Invest in an induction hob

This is a great alternative to an extractor fan that will free up valuable wall space for a storage cupboard.

Contemporary design

Modern, contemporary kitchen design lends itself well to space saving because it’s generally light and bright with lots of reflective surfaces for the light to bounce off. Keep it clean and simple, with minimal clutter and green plants to give a stylish and relaxing vibe.

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