Fun facts about T-Shirts

T-Shirts of all shapes and sizes, including the Farah T Shirts that you can find from stockists like are a staple in most people’s wardrobes. But how often do you actually think about them?

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Here are some fun facts about the world of the T-Shirt.

Promotional T-Shirts are a given at any large event now, whether for a sporting fixture or a music concert but the first promotional top was actually created for The Wizard of Oz back in 1939. How many promotional T-Shirts do you own?

The word T-Shirt first appeared in F.Scott Fitzgerald’s book ‘This Side of Paradise’ back in 1920, until then the word had not been used.

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The T-Shirt first appeared as long underwear as far back as 1904 and was produced by the Cooper Underwear Company. This remained the case until movie stars like Marlon Brando, James Dean and John Wyane made the garment popular as outerwear.

It is thought that over 2 billion T-Shirts are sold across the world each year and the vast majority of these are made from cotton which is produced mainly in China and India where they account for over 60 million sales of cotton each year.

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