Benefits of archery: a sport with many benefits

Archery is a safe sport for children that offers many physical, and mental. And intellectual benefits that make this activity worth considering.

Archery for children is a sport with many benefits

Archery is a wonderful sport for children since with it they develop a large number of skills, both physical and mental and emotional, as well as social skills. In addition, if it is carried out by taking the necessary security measures, the sport itself is safe enough for children to practice it from an early age.

Many parents fear that archery is dangerous. It is true that it is not without risk, but no sport is 100% safe. In the case of archery, the most delicate issue is to assume the danger and abide by the rules.

In any case, most expert children tend to be actively involved in order to achieve a good observance of the rules. This in itself also offers many benefits from a social, self-disciplined, and respectful point of view.

Previous issues

Archery is one of those sports that requires an expert coach, not only in archery but also in school sports. It may seem obvious, but the truth is that, too often, our children’s coaches have very little -or no- training in a pedagogical or didactic type. In the case of archery, it is essential, given the characteristics of this sport.

Archery is a sport that requires patience, attention, interest, and a high tolerance for frustration. A child with behavioral problems or with a high need for movement can greatly benefit from archery, as long as the coach is able to empathize with him and guide him properly.

On the other hand, the trainer needs strong assertiveness skills as well as being ability to command respect in order for the training to be safe and productive.

Benefits of archery

Improves mental focus and physical strength

To hit the target, or at least put the arrow in the target, you need to position yourself well. This is something that absolutely involves the entire body throughout the process. Therefore, it requires control and bodily knowledge. In addition, drawing the bow and releasing the arrow allows you to develop upper body strength.

On the other hand, the process consumes a great deal of energy, both physical and mental, since it is necessary to concentrate on the entire development, which begins when one picks up the bow, gets into position, and prepares the arrow.

Do not lose sight of the fact that the act of focusing on the target requires concentration and focus. This is a fundamental life skill that children will be able to export easily as early as childhood.

Develops character and skills in the classroom

Archery can be used to teach social skills that help children develop character. Issues such as respect for the rules, respect for peers who are shooting, or tolerance of frustration for not getting it right over and over again, among others, will help the child to forge a character based on valuing effort, both his own and his own. of others.

In addition, children develop skills related to decision-making, self-discipline, self-esteem, observation, patience, and helping peers.

Archery for kids is fun

Many people believe that a slow sport, which is practiced apparently standing still and in silence, cannot be fun. However, it is. The sense of achievement for progress, the encouragement of teammates and the coach. And the need to focus on something offer children different stimuli that they find very inspiring.

Development of coordination, concentration, and observation skills

Archery requires the development of coordination in an extraordinary way. It’s not as simple as looking, aiming, and releasing. Many aspects must be controlled and, in addition, external elements must be taken into account.

Every time a child prepares to shoot with the bow, he must concentrate on what he is doing in order to follow the correct procedure and hit the target. He will need to stay focused and use his brain as well as his brawn to succeed.

When it comes to archery for kids

Your little one may not be too attracted to archery at first. You should not force him to practice any sport that he does not want, but you can try to convince him to try it, with the help of an experienced coach who knows how to bring the sport closer to children. It is very likely that he will end up loving this discipline and the environment that surrounds it.

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