How to get your kid to take fermented cod liver oil (FCLO)

six year old shoots liquid unflavored cod liver oil

this is a response to several inquiries on Facebook regarding my method on getting kids to take Fermented Cod Liver Oil (FCLO).  inquiring minds want to know!  i appreciate you all waiting on my response for so long.  i promised I’d write this weeks ago. gasp!

17 months ago we departed on a journey to heal from asthma allergies and migraines.  one big part of our healing and our continued immune support is taking fermented cod liver oil daily. (where to buy fermented cod liver oil)

would you be surprised if i told you my family actually can’t tolerate the flavored FCLO options?  they make us gag!  we like the liquid straight up, no flavor enhancers, no horse pills!

so how did i get my 7 and 5 year old to take liquid FLCO? very carefully.

kidding.  well only partially kidding.  everything i do is pretty darn deliberate.

practice. and relevance.

should i repeat?

practice.  and relevance.

i know.  you’re scratching your head.  i’ll explain.

how do you practice taking fermented cod liver oil?

just like it sounds.  you do it.  every day.  like you practice homework.  or hitting a ball with a bat.  you just do it, like it or not, because it’s the right thing to do, because doing it makes you better.

only we tweaked as we went.  none of us like the after taste, the burning. we really hated the after burps.  which lasted HOURS.  gross.  so we started chasing.  first with water.  no bueno.  then with broth.  that’s good, and effective but i had one broth hater, so it was like trying to get a child wound up on cotton candy and dr. pepper to be quiet in church.  no dice.

but kraut juice, now that was a different story.  everyone was tolerating kraut juice (the brine from lacto-fermented sauerkraut and other fermented veggies) and it was flavorful, enough to hide the FCLO flavor so we started chasing with kraut juice.  bingo!  a winner.

got beet pink kraut juice?

that was then.  this is now.  i still chase with kraut juice.  the boys?  one takes it with no chaser!  right off the spoon. craziness i know.  the other chases with water.  more craziness.  i don’t complain.

they have the burn, the burps. not for me. nope. i prefer it in kraut juice. i shoot it in a glass. a tablespoon of kraut juice, a teaspoon or two of FCLO and down the hatch.  it’s all warm and tingly going down.  i kinda like this sensation first right after breakfast, right before we cycle to school. great way to wake up.

how do you make fermented cod liver oil relevant to a child?

a wee tiny secret for ya. humans are more likely to do things, to be compliant with things if they are relevant to them. how you make something relevant to someone depends on the human and what is valuable to them at the time.  because humans’ motivations change over time depending on circumstances.

for my children, at the time, what was important to them regarding food, was progressing through the stages of a pretty severe elimination diet.  they could not graduate to the next stage of the diet, which included more foods to eat, until they’d passed some milestones, mostly healing milestones on each level.  FCLO is very strong medicine, very healing especially when the gut is rid of difficult to digest foods and foods that feed pathogenic flora in the gut.

so for my kids taking their FCLO daily was one of the things they did to graduate to a more diverse diet.  and believe me.  we were all sick to death of fatty broth and soft cooked veggies and meat after about oh, say, one meal of that.  by week two and three we were very motivated to add other foods into our diet, like eggs and eventually raw veggies!

so they were diligent about taking fermented cod liver oil.

the magic healing power of fermented cod liver oil (FCLO)

now after seeing how powerful it is against virus, we’re all very compliant.  when you pair FCLO with fermented veggie juice, aka kraut brine, minerals and sleep and within 18-24 hours all but one virus we’ve had since starting GAPS has been kicked to the curb.  kids sleep all day, sleep all night, wake up fine.  it’s a true virus butt kicking potion.

so now FCLO is very relevant to us.  we increase doses when we feel run down, sneezy, like a head cold is coming on, or we’re about to travel and experience sleep deprivation and schedule disruption.  curious to try it?  has to be the fermented kind.  the power is in the bacteria people.

here’s where to buy fermented cod liver oil.

(full disclosure, if you buy from clicking the link off my resources page, i make a few pennies. costs you no more. just helps me keep writing content for ya!)

spill it!

what’s your secret ninja FCLO down the hatch trick?

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14 thoughts on “How to get your kid to take fermented cod liver oil (FCLO)

  1. This is great advice! I especially like the idea of making it relevant. I know that I have a much easier time keeping up with supplements and other foods when I can remember why it actually matters.

    Oh, and I like to chase my fclo with berry-flavored water kefir. I have done it with water a few times, when I was out of water kefir—gross. I really need something with a strong flavor afterwards.

  2. @linda i think every parent uses that psychology. it’s effective, but then it teaches kids to only do things for privileges or avoiding privilege retraction. when kids truly understand what the benefits to them are, the are empowered to be compliant. even when you’re not looking!

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  4. I make beet kvass with ginger and lemon peel (because plain beet is a bit too funky). Pour about a swallow full in a glass, swirl to coat the sides, put cod liver oil on top, take the whole thing and get on with the day.
    Swirling keeps the cod liver oil from sticking to the sides so you’re taking ALL of it instead of just most of it.

  5. We started with Chocolate FCLO/Butter oil blend. Chocolate fish. Nasty! The next time, we ordered unflavored. They prefer it! About halfway through that jar, I ordered Peppermint flavor FCLO with a friend when it was on sale. They gagged! Back to unflavored. My kids are 20, 13, 10, and 8. The 2 youngest hold their noses. We started just taking it off the spoon and chasing it with milk. Now, I put it in the center of a soup spoon and coat it with honey. They all beg to go first to get it over with! They take it, no gagging, and chase it with milk. They say they can barely taste the fish. If my kids will take it, any kid will take it! We started taking it because my 8yo has some badly decaying baby teeth and developed an abscess. We cleared up the abscess with 500ppm colloidal silver and started taking the FCLO/BO to remineralize his teeth and prevent further decay. After learning about all the health benefits, we all take it now!

  6. Thanks for the tip. I’m on GAPS Intro right now and my practitioner has me started on 1 full TABLESPOON of this nasty stuff 3x a day. I had previously taken the capsules. But I’d have to take SO many capsules at a time, I’ve had to switch to the liquid. Today is my first day on the Tablespoon dose. I actually retched and threw up the first dose this morning. It was just too much in my mouth all at once. I have to break it up into two 1/2 tablespoons. I was thinking of breaking it up further and taking 3 teaspoons (the equivalent of 1 Tablespoon), 3x per day instead. But just want to get it over with. Will try the kraut chaser tomorrow.

  7. we just started the fclo unflavored gel as it was all that was available b/c of the shortage. i took CLO a while back & i didn’t like it, but was tolerable w/OJ. this gel, though. i just don’t know how i’ll do it every day. honey? i chased today w/juice and still had the film stuck inside my mouth. i may try to ‘line’ my mouth with a strong drink (ha!) next time, then chase. i don’t think i’ve breathed through my nose in about about 20 minutes …

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