Happy August – The Great Links of August

spinning out of control at pleasure pier

i am so not ready for the summer to be over.  it went by too fast, too fast. school mornings are way too early.  it hurts me to wake a sleeping child.  done complaining.  now for the happy stuff.

i’m making my packing list for the island!  three nights at the beach!  sand under our feet.  sunrise breakfasting.  sunset walking.  bird watching.  shell hunting. wave riding. mineral restoring.  joy making.  kid marveling.  laughter sharing.  drip castle building.  mote filling. life loving.

i’ve been pinning all the month long!  are you on Pinterest yet?  it’s awesome for collecting recipes and articles. follow me?  i’ll follow you back.

here are some of the things I’ve been reading, and wanting to make this month.

recipes i have absolutely no time to make any time soon

who can cook with two manuscripts to write and new central nervous system therapies to manage?  you should smell my fridge ya’ll.  there are a bunch of rotting farmer’s market veggies in there.  shameful waste of nourishing food grown by ethical farmers who nurture the soil. i am not proud.  i did write 16K words of transforming picky eaters, edit eat to learn and migrate to WP.  at least i have work product to show for it.

if i can find a source from the gulf, i might whip up this grilled tomato basil fish recipe

my coconut flour bread always turns out mushy in the middle, i might have to try gutsy’s coconut flour banana bread.  little boo will enjoy that in his lunch box with some nut butter smeared on.

i have one sweet farmer who is able to harvest kale even in the heat of the houston summer, i plan to throw some of that in a pot of white bean and kale soup.

this is an easy egg breakfast  i could bring to teacher appreciation.  i love nourishing the teachers that educate my kiddos.

not that i would ever make a DIY personal care product myself, but in case anyone in my inner circle is reading this and feeling crafty, i give you permission to make this home-made lotion and give it to me as a cadeau. i will feel really loved.  promis. (um, so i didn’t mean to get two french words in that paragraph, my brain did the second one without my permission. it has a mind of it’s own. a french one. these things happen when you do brain rewiring exercises.)

i may try this perfect hard boiled egg method at the beach this weekend.  we can take our breakfast on our sunrise walk.

i’ve pinned this healthy jello video for november when i try to make a real food version (again) of the cranberry jello salad i grew up eating on turkey day.

articles i wish i had time to write

you should see my list of things to post about.  it is even longer than the “finish manuscripts” list of things to do. i have a lot of words i want the opportunity to write.

If you’re confused about paleo, GAPS and other ‘healing” diet approaches, GAPS diet myths will help connect some dots.

i broke the seal on potty talk here years ago, and “buy bidet” has been on my wish list for years, but this one i’ve never heard of.  Do you think your toilet is a health hazard?

yay!  no need to give up my cup of morning joe, i do all but one of these 6 tips for healthier coffee drinking.

hilarious. real food jokes crack me up.  “PUFA is bad, saturated is rad.”  Find out more in what is PUFA.

i won’t write a spoiler here, so if you want to know how i would answer can shopping change the world, come back and leave me a comment.  let’s discuss.  thanks be to insomnia, i’ve mulled it over for hours.

get ready for it y’all, you’re going to start to start hearing about vitamin K2 soon.  hint hint.  if you eat cultured food, you’re already getting enough.  if not.  start eating cultured food soon.

i think i need some man smell killer deodorant in my life don’t you?  too bad for hubby because i don’t plan on learning how to make deodorant

for the loves in my life who have to deal with frequent tummy trouble, pregnant or not, here are 5 natural remedies for nausea.

That’s it for August folks.  I’m off to work for a few hours, then to the beach where i will pretend like the last three weeks didn’t really happen, and it’s still summer.

Have a link to share?  Feel free to leave it in the comments.


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