Great Big Real October Things

tatoo on the chest of an islander.

i didn’t get a chance to do this post last month, it’s one of my favorites.  i’m not supposed to be writing right now anyway, but i just couldn’t resist.

happy birthday

FwKA turned four today!  i know, right?  where does the time go?  events fast and slow all at the same time.  i didn’t even think about this birthday until last night.  the boys and i have been on such recovery fast track that it’s hard to keep pace with anything else.  there are no party hats. no sweet treats. no goodie bags. just a pause to say,

wow. four years. awe. some.

it’s been wild ride, with a ridiculous and very wrong turn down the path of school food reform.  newsflash: girls who grow up in tech start-ups, really can’t operate in politics or government. lesson learned.

this blog may have finally decided what it wants to be when it grows up, or maybe it’s in yet another season, here for a time, changing eventually.

confession:  i did not want to be a writer when i grew up. i really didn’t want to be anything when i grew up.  too much brain fog to think ahead and plan.  i just did what i did, learned what i learned, grew, always looking for insight, direction in those wiser around me. here i am. 2012.  just published a cookbook.  writing another manuscript.  staff of 5, two businesses, both growing.  still don’t know where this path is going, but i’ve been walking along, doing as much good as i knew how to do, not knowing my destination for ages so, ya know, march on.

beach boys, beach drawings, beach restoration

enough about me and my blog, what else is great in the blogosphere?

there are so many great resources online.  i thank my lucky stars every day for bloggers and online content producers.  people who share their journey online, so others can see what’s possible.  there is such knowledge, such healing, such recovery available to us all.  you can’t buy information this at walmart folks.

here are some recipes, articles and vociferations you don’t want to miss.

found these on a walk along the dam


i don’t DIY make-up, and i put mascara on like 2 times a month, but if i did wear it and have time to make it, i’d use this recipe for home-made mascara.

need some home-made vapor rub?

i covet jenny’s photography. and her recipes.  the real food community is so blessed to have her producing such great content.  the boys are getting into Tabasco sauce, so maybe they’ll be into spicy kraut?  bring on the kimchi recipe.

confession:  during this time of recovery and writing busyness i hired our housekeeper to wash our clothes.  i wonder if she’d mix up this home-made bleach.

not that the boys and their dad ever leave a piece of bacon after breakfast for me to tuck it into another recipe later, but if they did, i’d make this apple bacon salad.

so, the polivka family just said “bone gelatin” and you know that really gets my attention, leaky gut survivors and all.  at the end of her oxtail stew recipe she says, which are probably the best words i’ll read all day,

“The stew lasted us another 3 days, and on the 5th day, I bought another oxtail.”


are you starting to collect recipes for christmas cookies?  i haven’t made grain free gingerbread cookies yet, but i’ll be doing it this year, damn it.  cookies will be a part of my holidays again.  because that makes me happy.

i probably won’t make this like i intend to, but i’m thinking of how nice it will be to make raw milk eggnog and serve it to my brother.

sweet potato bacon casserole? they are in season, why not.

my mom always made hot cider for holidays and gatherings.  boy do i miss my mom.  i’ll think about making this and drinking a cup of spiced apple cider with her.

sourdough burgers with chevre?  yes please! every day.  and twice on sundays!

favorite thing in favorite old hotel, you know for back when people used pen and paper to connect.


you’ve heard me throw the term leaky gut around a dozen times or more, if you still don’t know what that’s all about, getting this down is HUGE!  for your health, your kids, your life, learn it people. pretty please. ok, done begging. be off now.  learn, learn, learn.

we don’t usually visit the pharmacy counter for ills and aches, good time to make sure these common cold remedies are well stocked with virus attacks this cold and flu season.

cholesterol the antioxidant.  yeah. you heard that right.  i included this link in the Eat to Learn Cookbook, it worth repeating here.

are you a real food working mom?  it ain’t easy putting three squares out and bringing in the bacon, but it can be done. i do it and so does lindsey.  she how she pulls it all off.  because food is health.  period.

can you cure constipation naturally.  why yes, yes you can.  read on.

mushroom hunting? hells yeah!  dear discretionary time fairy, more time in my life to do that please. bisous, fwka  ps- can one even forage for wild mushrooms in houston?

i’m not sure what i’d do with dehydrated swiss chard, but i might need to know how to dehyrdate greens at some point.

not that i’ll ever have another bottom to diaper or not, but i read a lot about not-diapering when my boys were little.  imagine how much toxic material would not have to be produced if no one used disposable diapers.  when mamaw and papaw were in china they say tots in outfits like the one at the bottom of the post, scroll on down!

i miss juicing. if i had money to hire a juice fairy, i would.

want to know more about the science and history of culturing foods?  no?  why not?  fascinating and healing stuff bacteria is.

need breastfeeding tips?

facebook, instagram and twitter circa 1900-1980. post card collections from strangers, a treasure trove of language and penmanship.


not sure whether to avoid GMOs or which GMOs to avoid? two of my favoritest bloggers spin this one with humor and great story telling.

need some garden geek?  check out blackwood bounty, host of our CSA that supplies us with plenty of soil bacteria and nourishment on our healing journey.  not just for houston peeps, for all eaters. that’s you, yo. go read.

contemplating home birth?  if i was doing it all over again, i would be.  guess what the neurologist said might have been partial cause to Rus’s intolerance to life?  the lighting.  in the nursery.  oh my.  i can’t even talk about that right now.  sorry to alarm you.

are you in the know about flouride dangers?  sure it hardens teeth, but it also hardens organs when it’s in drinking water.  do lions need flouide?  no. ’nuff said.

are your hands and feet always cold? i really need to get back into the daily practice of how to raise a body temperature.  my normal body temps are too low. not a good sign people.  fix it.  kay?

cholesterol the antioxidant.  yeah. you read that right.  i included this link in the Eat to Learn Cookbook, it bears repeating here.

Spill it

yeah, yeah.  my editor tells me no posts longer than 800 words, and no all lowercase posts.  pif.  today i just need to be me, ok?  rambly, lowercase me. filtered, easier on the eyes jenna will return later.  appreciate the tolerance.

do you have links that need some love?  link up in the comments.  real food, real stuff,  only please.

this post is participating in real food wednesday.




7 thoughts on “Great Big Real October Things

  1. What a great list of good reads! Thank you so much for including my mushroom hunt. I also wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed/ appreciated your last post about healing kids from autism. My husband works with families who have children with developmental disabilities, and I wish that nutrition was the first approach in all cases. Keep sharing your story!!

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