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Update Oct 4, 2012:  Eat to Learn has been published.  It is free to every Food with Kid Appeal newsletter subscriber for a limited time only.

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my editors and i are feverishly working on the eat to learn manuscript and putting finishing touches on it. i am super duper brain smart excited about the launch. for real time updates “like” the food with kid appeal facebook page.

eat to learn launch date

if there are no crazy unscheduled medical emergencies to deal with this week, we will launch Eat to Learn September 17th, 2012.  i have had to push the launch date several times already.  accept my apologies in advance if i have to reschedule it.  to get the free ebook, sign up for the Food with Kid Appeal newsletter.  when it launches you’ll be among the first to get download instructions!

eat to learn contents

introduction – i explain the closest thing to a magic bullet you’re going to find in order to get kiddos eating real healthy food.

the brain building facts on 20 real foods that are readily available in most public school cafeterias including:

    • what’s in it?  i tell you what’s in each food that supports brain function.
    • what’s in it for me? you learn what those nutrients do for your child’s learning brain and busy body.
    • how to eat it?  i suggest several “kid appeal” ways to eat each food
    • food smarts tidbits  a deeper dive to make each food relevant to your child
    • dare ya! a challenge for your kid to excite your kid to adopt each food.
    • recipes  i share 20 simple kid approved real food recipes to that have kid appeal.  this is not the same kind of kid appeal as cheetos or M&Ms who rely on tons of artificial ingredients and flavors to win your child’s heart.  this is real food with kid appeal.  they are snacks and meals you can prepare with love for your children. each one will fuel their brain and their educational outcome.

how eat to learn was born

a little more than two years ago i decided to apply for a PTA Healthy Lifestyles Grant for our elementary school.  i worked with our sister campus to apply for $1,000 to implement a year long eating habit behavior change program in two Spring Branch ISD campuses.

we didn’t win the grant, but an amazing librarian pulled some strings and got our local HEB to donate the produce we used in one of the program components, the Taste-Off competition.  the rest of the programming didn’t require funding, so the two campuses went ahead with the program.  with the full support of both principals, eat to learn was delivered to 1200 students in the 2010-2011 calendar year.

elementary student healthy food taste competition

students participate in healthy food taste competition

one of the program components was morning announcements.  i made a list of 20 real food items served by the district food service group. i researched nutrients in these foods and the role the nutrients had on brain function.  i compiled morning announcements that ran for 20 weeks.  each week a new food was featured.  each day a fact about how that food fueled brains was read aloud by elementary students over the PA system.

what readers will see in the Eat to Learn eBook is the morning announcement content, paired with favorite Food with Kid Appeal recipes in a 50 page (ish) book.

growing good eaters is more than good recipes for picky eaters

any expert, book or article that tells you the solution to picky eating is better picky eater recipes, is lying to you.  you can not grow a good eater with great recipes.  just like you can’t shove great books at a child and expect to end up with literacy.  to accomplish literacy, for language or food, a child must have good instruction, lots of positive praise, someone to build their confidence, and plenty of practice. the food literacy formula is a more complex than that, but i’ll save the rest of that equation for my next book, Transforming Picky Eaters, which, my health providing, will launch in October 2012.

while Eat to Learn is a cookbook, i don’t want a single reader to think that the path to healthy eating is great recipes.  don’t be fooled by that i-wish-it-were-that-simple method.  please pay close attention to the part of the book that shows you how to make food relevant to kids.  this is the right path to travel to grow good eaters.

what will i get out of eat to learn?

not every child learns food literacy at the same rate.  you may have more work to do than other parents, but i assure you, mighty mama, mighty daddy, mighty educator, every moment you spend helping a child gain food literacy, is a pain free day, month or year for that child.  if you read Eat to Learn, and implement the knowledge gained with your family and you are still hitting roadblocks, don’t worry!  stay tuned for the next book, transforming picky eaters.

investing in improving a child’s food literacy equates to preventing chronic illness.  it equates to healing from existing illness.  it gives a child the gift of well-being and a whole, functioning body.  when our youth have that, they have the ability to create and innovate.

[ed. note.  jenna's brain is "fried."  i'm not kidding. that was her actual diagnosis from the neurochiropractor.  if there are correctly spelled words in this post that don't fit the context, blame jenna's fried brain. it can't be trusted right now. she's still writing anyway.  bravery or insanity?]

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spill it!  do you believe you can grow a good eater by making real food relevant to your child?  share your two cents in the comments.  dissenting comments welcome!

17 thoughts on “Eat to Learn Cookbook – free eBook launch announcement

    • @erin welcome! subscribe to my newsletter, when the book is ready i’ll send an email out to subscribers with instructions on how to download it. the ebook is available for free to all newsletter subscribers.

      • I am most interested in this book because my grandchildren are very unhealthy eaters. I want try to feed them better and for them to eat better.

    • hi iva, Eat to Learn has been published. It is available to all Eat to Learn subscribers at no cost for a limited time. Thanks for reading! There is a subscription link above in the post. There is also a email subscription link in the top right corner of the blog.

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