Butternut Squash Pizza Recipe

This recipe is a spin on vegetable pizza.  This recipe is a reader submitted recipe from Ana. Want to share your recipe on the Food with Kid Appeal blog?  See here for details.

This recipe is gluten free recipe since it has a butternut squash slice as the crust instead of a wheat dough.  I might try these finger food veggie pizzas with goat cheese since we are temporarily dairy free.  I might go with a green pesto like sauce instead of red.  So many options!

Butternut Squash Pizza Recipe
1 large butternut squash, neck cut in half inch slices, round part cut in half and seeds removed.
1/2 -1 cup of tomato sauce, or pizza sauce
1 cup of shredded mozzerella/ paremsan cheese mix
1/2  tsp dried oregano
1 tsp healthy fat (coconut oil, butter, ghee)

*cut the squash in half inch slices until you reach the seeds (you should get squash “disks”)
* use fat to grease a baking sheet or similar and bake your slices at 350/375 until they start getting golden underneath and soften.  About 10-20 minutes.
* flip them and put tomato sauce and shredded mozzarella or Parmesan cheese on top until the cheese melts. Add a little oregano and voila!
* you can add anything else on top, it really works as any other pizza
* for the bottom part of the butternut squash (the part with the seeds in it), you can scoop out the seeds and bake it “face down”. Once the squash starts to soften you can turn it around and fill it with tomato sauce, cooked corn and top it with cheese. It looks like a bowl so you can just eat right out of it!

Note: my kids eat these “pizzas” with the skin and all but if you don’t want to eat the skin, I personally think it is easier to remove it after it is baked.  Before you put the “toppings” on you can remove the skin around each slice. They come off pretty easily.

Ana’s Bio
My name is Ana and I grew up in Buenos Aires (Argentina). I moved to the US with my husband Daniel 10 years ago and after living in Pennsylvania, Washington, DC and Colorado, we now live in Cypress, TX with our son (5) and daughter (2). As a child, I was raised with food made from scratch at every meal and lots of fruits and vegetables on our table everyday so that is also what I try to do with my own kids. But living in a society where artificially colorful food-like products is abundant and so readily available, it is a constant challenge to keep my kids excited about our scratch-made meals and we frequently need to review the reason why his lunchbox content looks so different from most of his classmates. 
What Ana likes about Food with Kid Appeal
Your blog is not only an inspiration to try new recipes but also as reminder that I am not alone in this endeavor. A few years ago, I became increasingly interested in environmental issues and began to realize the benefits of organic/local produce as well as raw foods. Since then I have been trying to improve the quality of the ingredients I use and this spring we will be starting our own organic garden in our backyard. We are all very excited!

This post is participating in Kelly the Kitchen Kop’s real food wednesday.

[Ed Note.  Don't you love it when life helps you out on days when you have so much on your plate that there are balls dropping you don't even remember tossing up?  Back in November I put out an APB for recipes from readers.  Ana was quick to respond with this awesome kid friendly way to get orange veggies down the hatch, but she lacked a photo.  She sent the photo today, and voila, I am able to cross "publish a recipe post" off my list of things to do ASAP. Thanks Ana for making my life a little easier today!]

One thought on “Butternut Squash Pizza Recipe

  1. Thank you for this awesome recipe. I tried it and came out very well. I use Butternut Squash a lot and had run out of new ideas to make my son enjoy it. He loved this recipe.

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